PPC agency in Chennai.

Pay Per clicks(PPC) ads are paid promotions for boosting business in a short period of time. PPC Ads can be run for Facebook and Google Ads.PPC Ads work on a bid system which means we vary continuously based on the competition. Being Smart enough to outbid your competitor and also not spending too much money on it makes or breaks the game for you.
Increasing ad spend to boost brand is a foolish play, we strategize campaigns to get the most out of your ad spend. In a era of today, brands compete to get the most out of a customer and ever changing consumer behaviour only leads creating a higher competition Day by day, many brands sprouts to existence to be a successful brand to be remembered by people, a brand has to be out of box creative and strategic to create a legacy of its own.
Facebook Ads

Sponsored Ads that run on your feed.Facebook offers a wide variety of Ad types, images, videos, and carousels. Monetizing data available on Facebook we can run ads to certain demographics and behavior giving your brand the opportunity To target the right audience.

Google Ads

The Largest online platform.Where people specifically, search for what they want. Search, Video, Display, Shopping, App are different campaigns across platforms. Google Ads are run focusing on keywords. Keyword research has to be done to have a better understanding of which keyword to run ads on.

Why hire contique global as your ppc agency ?

Clicks matter when it comes to online marketing or advertising your business. A well-structured ad with relevant content is not only enough to make your brand stand out from the rest. A convincing ad copy with engaging or pleasing visuals also matters the most to attract your customers in the right way.
Through target demographics and customer behavior, we will analyze what and how the content management has to be worked so that your website get higher CTR(click-through rate) and reducing the CPC(cost per click) of the Ads, By Increasing your Ad quality your overall campaign quality score increases which makes you profitable at a sustainable and low budgets.


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What do you achieve from PPC Service?

  1. Increased Brand reach and awareness.
  2. High CTR(Click through rates) and conversion.
  3. Landing page optimization
  4. Competitor research.