Who we are?

Contique global was established in 2017 as a business company into trade of commodities overseas. Understanding the customer’s requirements and with the purpose of establishing ethical, transparent and realtime tracking of customer information, customer support and handling of customer queries, feedbacks for the trade venture.

Contique Global Process PVT ltd was initiated thereby creating a niche in the segment. With the progress and accomplishments, our years of expertise and learning out of our joint ventures, now we are experienced to provide complete end to end solutions to each of our clients, enabling them to grow and experience what our trade venture did.

We offer customised high class outsourcing solutions that stands upto the expectations of the clients. We make a difference by delivering high quality and customized services to your customers by understanding their requirements, your vision, current market trends and trying different solutions. We stand out for our commitment , honesty , hard work, collaboration, openness and our passion for providing best quality driven BPO with skilled professional approach. We are experts in accelerating performance and achieving High Impact outcomes through winning execution strategies across the entire business and customer lifecycle.

Our company’s future remains bright, our relationship remain firm and our clients remain pleased with our services. We will continue to pursue major opportunities, strategic partnerships, teaming arrangements and joint ventures with former, current new and prospective partners. By doing so, we believe we will have an even stronger presence in the industry.


Our Journey is dedicated to infuse creativity and professionalism in every work we do. Employ progressive and exploratory environment that produces unique solutions for our clients.


Our vision is to remain a world class firm that respects our team and offer each of our clients a superior service at a competitive price.


We at contique Global encourage collaboration & teamwork, to ensure everyone is sharing ideas and working towards the same mission, Everyone's thoughts are heard and addressed.



In today's socially conscious environment, Contique Global as taken a passionate leadership to give back to the larger community We as successful members of the community, have taken responsibility to contribute to the common good.
Volunteerism is a powerful component of organization giving. We volunteer in the community, bringing human component to giving back- no more cheque book philanthropy, this is real people doing real work and making real impact.
Giving Back

Let’s Collab.

If you or your company is interested in entering into a Business relationship with us,
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