Do you know videos have started ruling the space online, whether you are a prominent brand or an individual creator. The doors to opportunities are more if your video marketing is on the track. Videos motivate people to think and give a shot at your services or products, As humans by nature visual and moving things excites us. Why not implement it in your brand strategy.

Crafting video for a various multitude of requirements, from creating impactful stories that speak about your heritage to corporate videos. Our team is capable of delivering a notch above, ensuring it resonates with your audience to create a fulfilling experience for the viewer.

Video content consumption has surged over the years, thanks to social media platforms. Our video production team brings the experience to the table in delivering your brand message in a visually pleasing manner to the right audience, Leaving a lasting impression on your brand.

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our creatives

SERVICES we provide

Motion Graphics

"Speak with your own elements"

Explain a complex or a simple content through motion graphics that helps your customers to connect with. Have them engaged with real graphical content.

Corporate Video

"Spread your culture"

Creating corporate videos for your promotional and other activities showcasing your achievements or celebrating an occasion in your company.

Explainer Video

"Talk about your ethos"

Explainer videos for demonstrating things about your products or services for educating people and creating awareness of your brand.

Video Presentation

"Present yourself effectively"

Self-explanatory videos for presentations like webinars, keynote speeches, and other marketing needs, that speak your language the best.

Animation Video

"Show your purpose with animation"

Stunning eye-catching visual animated video for marketing and other purposes.

Client Testimonial

"Let your testimonies be loud"

Capturing your client’s story and journey with an impact expressing trust you have built with your clients.

Employee Video

"Spread happiness around"

Featured video of your employees and special moments in your organization that connects with the audience and is your strength for a strong relationship.

Product / Services Demo

"Visually demonstrate your product"

Explain in brief or in detail about your product/service in a manner that connects with your audience. A well explained video reaches a far more audience.

You need a stunning video,
Why choose contique?

We are passionate and inspired individuals crafting stories around your needs, speaking for your organisational values and creating reality to what you dream of. We thrive to be unique to each and every content that we create, thereby ensuring that your videos will be one of a kind, creating a niche and will definitely speak volumes.

An organisation driven by like minded people and inspired by self to explore in depth to bring more value onto your mission. As a team of creative artists and digital designers we standby our promise to realise your dreams the way you have imagined, bringing about real time solutions through creative videos.

You have a product that’s wonderful so what next? Expecting a bunch of loyal customers ?

A picture speaks a thousand words and a well animated, motion graphic video speaks much more. You directly connect with your target audience creating an impact speaking about your product or service in your voice. You give your target audience the space to understand them better. The medium is so strong and scintillating to grab attention like none other.

Include a wide range of info such as USP graphs, VFM matrix, comparison of any form while going animated and stand out from the crowd, By being radical publish a vast variety of data leveraging quick access to customised info, still being active and connected through animated videos and motion graphics.

Be real, stay connected.


Have your own theme set to connect with your audience , be vibrant to speak up.


When you can convey it in your own space, speak bold.


Do converse with your audience in a language understood by all, speak clear.

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